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Name: Candace
Nickname(s): Ace
Birthday: 6\September
Gender: Female
Sexuality: straight
Height: 5’2.5” (the half is important!)
Time zone: (UTC-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada)
What time and date it is there: currently 5:26pm \ 9/16/14
Average hours of sleep: It goes up and down. Maybe 7?
OTPs: Katara and Zuko! I always wanted them to be together. T-T
The last thing I googled was: Fairy Tail Erza vs Erza. I couldn’t remember what episode number I was on but I could remember the title. So I looked it up to see what number it was. XD
My most used phrase(s): “I’m going to punch you.” I’m not a violent person. Honest. XD
First word that comes to mind: Yogurt. Just ate some.
What I last said to a family member: Okie dokie.
How many blankets I sleep under: 1
The last movie I watched in the cinema: Guardians of the Galaxy!
Three things I can’t live without: Internet, my pets, and my 3DS!
Something I plan on learning: Another language!
A piece of advice for all my followers: It doesn’t matter how ‘popular’ your tumblr is. It’s about sharing the stuff you love!

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Stars & Rebels Pose Pack - part one

dorktasticsoul made a post talking about making poses for her story and I offered to make them for her! So here is the first half of them.

I’m not crazy happy with the 2nd pose, but I’m really proud of all the others. ^_^

Like usual, these poses work best if you don’t use body modifiers like height sliders and crazy big hips and butts. The male rigs are stretched in poses 1, 5 & 6. The female rig is shrank in poses 1 & 6.


Sometimes the poses may do this weird thing where they hover above the ground. You can use the pose player add on to fix this. Example of how to fix it here. Basically just move each sim down 5 units should fix it. 

Pose List Enabled.

Sorry for the super long post!

Smut Poses

Making anime couple poses is super tricky. The body proportions in animes are ridiculous. The women are always child-sized and the men are 3x the size of the women with broad shoulders and crazy long arms and legs! But I think these turned out pretty good. ^_^

Reference pictures.

These poses line up best if little to no body modifier sliders are used (ie waist, hips, butt, and height.) The male rig has been stretched in the 1st and 3rd pose.


Pose List Enabled.



Featuring the new Brother Nature Beard.

Accompanied with a floral attachment and tintable tattoo layer.


someone make this for the sims 3, please!


I hope the winning contestants enjoyed their dates with their bachelor! (Due to a super laggy game and not enough time I only got to take one photo per date, sorry guys).

Note: Right click on photo and open link in new tab for a bigger and HQ view.

So happy I was apart of this contest! It was a lot of fun! These photos are stunning and Kylee looks so cute! I’m glad she is wearing her hot air balloon necklace!

I lost my cute demon girl. I didn’t realize I didn’t save her. So I tried to remake her. I don’t remember the skin or eyes I used. And I still don’t she’s the exact same yet. I’ll keep trying.

Lilac Fog - Normal and Chopped

Mesh by newsea. Chopped edit by wingsfall.Texture & AS action by shockshame. Control edited by me.

Normal Version
Chopped Version

Compressed. Disabled for random. Custom thumbnails.

Wingsfall didn’t include a short version without the hair poof in the back so I decided to make one using their alpha edit.

Leah & Melody

Meshes by cazy. Texture & AS action by shockshame. Control edited by me.


Compressed. Disabled for random. Custom thumbnails.

Please check original post before reporting issues.

Notice me, Senpai! - Kawaii Girl Pose Pack

I haven’t been in a playing mood, but I have been in a creative mood. So I made some quick poses!



Pose List Compatible.

I haven’t really been in a simming mood lately. Sorry to those who follow my bachelor challenge, I promise I will pick it up again.

But for now, have a picture of a cute demon girl!

Hair 24 - Requested

Mesh by nightcrawler. Texture & AS action by shockshame. Control edited by me.


Compressed. Disabled for random. Custom thumbnails.

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