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I don’t have internet right now at my house and probably won’t be getting it for about 2 weeks. D: So you guys won’t see me too much! Sorry! But this will give me a chance to get caught up on a lot of things like my BC, hair retextures and more! So hopefully when I get internet again I’ll have a lot to post!

I’m not immature, I just embrace my inner child. Show me how we would have fun together.

Part II of my super sweet Sailor Moon | Pokemon themed followers gift!

5 Sailor Moon posters | Art by JHTY23

3 Pokemon posters | Art by Mr-Saxon

Mesh: EA (TS2) Converted by Sweet Ambrosia

  trill-simblr said:
Where did you get Ezra Lewis beard from?

Hope you don’t mind that I posted this public, but I’ve been getting this question a lot. XD

Ezra’s beard came with the University Life EP! And as far as I know, I don’t think anyone has extracted it and made it Base Game Compatible. But I recommend UL because it comes with a lot of really awesome stuff!

Dexter Loupe - for aphroditeisimmoral's Bachelorette Challenge.

Dexter grew up in a very small, tight-knit werewolf clan. He grew up being taught that people not of their kind were bad people, especially vampires. As he got older, he began to explore the real world and learned that not all other creatures are bad! He wants to prove to his clan that mixed-creature couples are perfectly compatible! He’s also super shy about his birthmark on his face.

I’ve never made maxis-match sims before, I hope he’s okay!

Brody: This is so not fair. I was suppose to be the only one that came back! You ruined everything!

Baby Aries: I’m sure you all are wondering why I have gathered you all here….

Baby Wren: I’ll take watch while you get in there and get the goods.

James flirted with everyone while holding Baby Blair.

And then this happened! I didn’t know you could do stuff like this while holding toddlers!

Took him awhile, but Junior finally started interacting with the babies.