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  Anonymous said:
have you got master controllers Intergration mod installed? that fixed mine.

I don’t think so. I’ll have to try that! What does it do?

kurisusims replied to your post: Aasdfasdf;lkj

do you use master controller? I always forget to turn on “override core sliders” when I make a new save and then I think I broke the game or something hah. if that’s not it at all I’m sorry D:

I tried that. It didn’t work. T-T

I think what happened was I download some sims and the person(s) had their slider folders in there and I just tossed it all into CC Magic. Because they were working fine a few days ago. Sigh.

Blair: Hi there, cutie!

Mini-Wren: *nervous laugh* You’re not my mommy.

Hayley and Wren with their Mini-Me’s.

I think I made Baby Wren’s cheeks too red D:


Half my sliders aren’t working. Again.

  sim-lian said:
wheres her outfits from in /post/92181181506 and /post/92191743575/reading-to-the-baby-3 ? :3


Dress | Top | The skirt I’m not sure. Sorry!

My dad gave me a drawing tablet for Christmas but I just opened it today. >////< I’ve been so intimidated by it. But now I think I’m ready. x_x I’m starting small with wispy hair. It’s so bad. T-T Practice. Practice. Practice.